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The Click! Calendar is the new interactive gift that makes sharing photos fun and personal.

With Click!, you can easily create a customised ‘advent’ calendar gift and send it to anyone, anywhere at any time. Sharing beautiful photo memories has never been so easy. All you do is choose your calendar design and the number of days you want. These aren’t limited by a typical calendar month so you have more flexibility.

The advent concept is where the fun and magic is. Once the photos are uploaded, a unique QR code is generated for each photo and included behind each window of the personalised calendar. The recipient opens a new window each day, scans the QR code, and voilà, has a surprise of a memory they probably haven’t seen or thought about in years. They can then save the photos to their phone, or do like I did with my family and share the photos each day to a group chat and invite each other to come up with fun captions for the photos.

The Click! Calendar is the perfect gift for people who don’t need more things but who cherish memories. And there’s no simpler way to reach and connect with your friends and family worldwide than with the personalised Click! Calendar.

Hi, I’m Yasmin, founder of Click!. When the pandemic hit, I found myself feeling quite anxious about things, and as a result reduced my hours at work. Around Christmas 2020, to keep myself occupied, I decided to have a clear-out. That’s when I came across some old family photos. There was one in particular of me at my christening.

Everyone was all dressed up and looking smart except for my older brother, who, at that time, was around eight years old. It made for such an emotive photo with everyone’s sincere expressions I sent it to our family WhatsApp group. The family’s reaction was pure delight at this shared experience as we took a walk down memory lane together. They all loved it, and I felt instantly better for having made their day.

This spurred me on to put together the concept of Click! We all know or have that box of old photos and those giant albums with photos in them. Let’s not forget the well-meaning digital camera photos that sit unseen and untouched on the laptop.

All of these memories deserve to be recalled and relived. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could capture these pics in a fun and meaningful way on our phones and then send them in a way that is unique and useful? Something like a photo calendar? The social distancing restrictions just made me think more of connecting with family and friends, and what would be the best gift to give? Not more physical things, but memories to keep forever and remind us of the thread that ties us together.

Currently, orders can only be placed through the Click! Calendar app and not on the website.

You can download the app by searching Click! Calendar on the Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android.

You can also follow the below links:

  • Apple App Store

Download the Click! Calendar app here

  • Google Play Store

Download the Click! Calendar app here

No, most mobile phone and tablet devices have an in-built QR Code scanner that can be accessed via the native camera app.

However, if your device does not have this functionality then the app can be used to scan the QR codes.

Yes, the Click! Calendar app is available on all Apple and Android devices, however please note that is is has been optimised for use on mobile devices and therefore may not perform optimally on tablets or other devices.